Carolyn A. Patterson-Kemper

Copywriter -SEO & Creative

Content Strategist

I am an avid dog lover, ice cream addict, former dance instructor, and concert-goer..pre cov-id!

Hello! My name is Carolyn Patterson-Kemper (better known as “Carolyn from Maryland”). I have spent the last decade in the business events industry planning and hosting corporate in-person and virtual meetings and events.

After being asked to write business cases, website content, social media messaging, proposals, e-newsletters, legal contracts…you name it, by executive management, I realized my gift in writing. I am a creative with a proven track record and history of delivering high quality content with error-free results.

I am passionate about helping others articulate messaging for a defined strategy hence why CPK Writers was established.

Thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity to write for you.

Email me at if you'd like to take a look at my work experience in greater detail!